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Stock Transfer Information

From your Brokerage Account

1. Contact Pam Prescott in the Gift Planning Office at 800-331-4943 or 608-363-2683, or by email at Give her the following information:
  • the stock and number of shares you plan to donate
  • the designation for your contribution
  • the name and contact information for your broker
  • the approximate date on which you plan to initiate the transfer
2. Contact your broker with the following transfer instructions
  • Beloit's Transfer Agent: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank is DTC participant # 902
  • Account information: P72500 FFC to W28377005 for The Board of Trustees of Beloit College
Please note: Special arrangements must be made in advance with the college's Development Office before initiating a gift of mutual fund shares, or closely held, thinly traded or restricted stock.

Your receipt and acknowledgment from Beloit College
We will date your gift on the day it is received in the college's account at JP Morgan Chase and issue a receipt for its value based on the average of the reported high and low for the donated security on the gift date.

If you have stock certificates

Please send a dated cover letter and the unendorsed certificates by registered mail to:

Beloit College
Attn: Gift Planning
Development and Alumni Relations
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511

Include your name, address and the purpose of the gift. In a separate envelope, send the stock power (available from your broker or banker) and a copy of your cover letter. The stock power should be left blank except for the date and your signature, which must be exactly as your name appears on the stock certificate.

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